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Ok, so I know that this particular blog has been inactive for quite sometime. and, I’m traveling soon and have lots to say, but feel guilty about so much time lapsing and not writing. We have missed so much!!!
We missed picking all of the green tomatoes out of the garden. I forgot to blog about how many words he can say now and his favorite toys and the fact that he tries to climb everything and his trips to the museum, etc. But, I need to practice putting in links and such. So, here goes.
We are traveling to Pakistan in … … 32hours…. exactly 32hours and our plane will take off from chicago. So, I am writing a blog just about our traveling in Pakistan.
Check it out at:
Pakistani safari
I hope that this link words. I have been trying to post links. Now, onto the video portion of this email…. and a way to make it relevant.
We will be attending a wedding… … how fun!
Here is a link to a Punjabi style wedding

Hopefully people can see this vidoe.
If not, excuse
me while I play around with these settings so that I can post videos and/or pictures and audio for family.
please check out my other blog and leave comments as well.

A package from Pakistan

Today we finally got the package! It came all the way from Pakistan. I had asked DH to ask his in-laws to get some of those plastic placemats that you put on the floor and a shilwar kamis for the baby. Those have not come yet. But, we were so excited that the package had finally come. After all, it had been lost in customs for a while and was almost sent back to Pakistan. And, nowadays, it costs his father a lot of Pak Rupies to send such packages!
Anyway, There were three wonderfully warm outfits, a snowsuit (which Azaan doesn’t have yet) and three pairs of shoes. The smallest pair of shoes (which fit him wonderfully) squeak. There is also a larger pair of shoes that light up. DH’s mother was wise in getting three different sizes of shoes. Luckily, the smallest just fit him, so he will be in shoes for a while. and…. … they probably didn’t send toys because Azaan has so many: especially acording to DH’s standards.
At first, he did not know what to think of the shoes. But then, the baby started walking in circles around DH and I… … just to hear the shoes squeak. I’ll try on the clothes tomorrow and try to send / upload a pic. The clothes are not Shilwar kamis, so they will probably look pretty “American.” But, they are good clothes. My mother in law picked out the clothes and although I don’t know what they say: two shirts have writing or pictures on them. the third shirt is a nice dress shirt. The clothes seem to be quite warm! We are greatful and excited. I want to get pictures and maybe I’ll try a video tomorrow!

I just spent 45mins writing this while Azaan was asleep and it somehow was deleted with a stroke of a finger. (really frustrating).
anyway, (2nd time)
I dislike Halloween. I always have. I don’t think it is fun to scare people or to be scared. And, often people’s antics are just annoying, not scarry at all. I don’t like the pranks that they pull, either. Now, I am not an overly serious person, but these pranks have an ominous bent to them which makes them distasteful for me. Although, DH would love to find a good haunted house to visit. Most are too visual and he does not want to spend the money unless he is sure that he will get something out of it!
We (I) did pass out candy this year. Next year, I will be prepared and find some glow in the dark toys to pass out instead. I only had seven trick-or-treaters within three families. I decided to pass out candy in an effort to get to know my neighbors. It really didn’t work much. And, when DH came home from the mosque, he flippantly turned off our porch light to save money. Of course, being totally blind, I did not realize that he had turned out the light until he told me an hour later…. by that time, trick-or-treating was over. But, I really don’t like the aspect of begging for candy. OK, some of it is harmless, but why threaten to take revenge if you are not given what you want. How spoiled!!! Which leads into another reason that I dislike Halloween.
A pumpkin is gutted and carved and a candle is placed inside. this insures that the pervectly nutritious vegetable inside will be ruined. What a waste of food. In keeping with my theme, I must admit that I never liked or encouraged my children to play with their food. I won’t be putting my baby in a tub of uncooked rice for the sensory experience. I won’t be letting my child paint with jello and cool-aid. I won’t be using whip cream to help my child learn to draw. We won’t be using beans or macaroni for art projects that will just get tossed aside in another year. Although it is fun, I won’t be buying a gingerbread house kit so that my child can create with food. Food is for eating. How privileged we are to use food as art when others are starving…. … yes, even here in America!!!
I did buy a pumpkin and will hopefully harvest pumpkins bought by any family members who haven’t rendered the vegetable useless. My sister found some great ways to decorate pumpkins that did not include cutting or opening the pumpkin. Thanks Pintrest!! I don’t know who Diana Ratray is on “” but she is certainly not very helpful when it comes to pumpkin preparation. I can’t get the rind off the pumpkin so am steaming it in chunks in the hopes that I can peel the rind off when we are finished. Hopefully, if this works out, I’ll make a great pumpkin bread with a creamy icing in the middle for DH and a pumpkin soup which I will thoroughly enjoy. Baby Azaan will probably love them both: but I’ll have to do some convincing to get DH to eat the soup. I’ll make some pumpkin seeds and spice them with chaat or cayenne for DH. I like mine with plain seasalt. I think that I might try to make a kind of “Nimco trailmix.” It might have spiced pumpkin seeds, candied cayenne pecans, honey roasted peanuts, chaat cashews, cheesy chex, goldfish, raisins, banana chips, garlic chips, chocolate pieces, mini sugar coconut balls(found in Shahi maywa), little cheese crackers, wasabe peas, roasted chana, sunflower seeds, small pretzle rods, chereos, dried cranberries/cherries/apricots, jellybellies, namak para and whatever else I can find. I’ll put them in small ziplock bags so we will always have some snacks around.
When Azaan gets old enough, we will probably have an autumn party which might include lots of pumpkin recipes, leaf collecting and whatever I can think of to celebrate autumn and harvest, but not Halloween. Maybe I’ll have a costume part of the party, but no devils/gobblins/etc. but, I have time to think about it because the baby is only 11months old.
In any case, I hope that this pumpkin steaming/preparation comes out well. If I can get a pumpkin bread made in time, I’ll take it to a friend who has three children(a four-year-old and 7mo twins) because she has invited me over today. I’ll help her with her English and maybe she’ll help me perfect my Biryani. Who knows!

tick-tock to ten months

The clock is ticking!

First, an interesting fact, my baby has now spent more of his life outside the womb.
update: Azaan will be ten months tomorrow. He is not walking yet, but it won’t be long. He can stand on his own… … if he just doesn’t move. He’s trying to walk or at least turn by himself. We don’t have shoes for him yet, but DH’s family should be sending some soon. I wanted to get shoes before now to strengthen his ankles — and (for the added benefit that they will keep on his socks), but we had a clash and I just let it go. He can now say the “d,” “B,” gutteral “gh” and “p” sounds. About six weeks ago, I had to go into the hospital. When I came out, he was saying the “m” sound (like “mama,”) for the first three days that I was home. But, it hadn’t resurfaced until last week. He also has this nasal sound that he makes, as if he is trying to say his words through his nose without opening his mouth. Weird but interesting. He also tends to crishendo his voice as if we are not listening, so he has to get louder and kind of punctuate what he is saying.
Azaan has four teeth: (three on top and one on bottom). At first, I was very careful about what my baby ate. But, due to other people’s (I won’t mention names) desires, he has tasted — and enjoyed the following foods:
cookies, kaju burfi, cake, ice cream, fruit loops, gulab jamun and the latest — cotton candy. OK, some of it was not DH’s fault: Azaan grabbed the gulab jamun off of my plate, my sister gave him fruit loops while I was in the hospital, someone gave him a bite of cake without my permission, my daughter gave him parts of a cookie. But, DH wanted him to taste Kaju burfi and cotton candy was gotten at a picnic that DH attended and he just had to bring Azaan “something” home. Actually, Azaan did not like the cotton candy. He did not like the feel of cotton in his mouth. The baby has also eaten: brown and white rice, aloo bajia (a vegetable potato dish spiced with IndoPak flavors), egg yolks, grape pieces, hummus, chana (spiced garbanzo beans), motzarella cheese, ground chicken and fish and pasta. His system can’t seem to handle oatmeal and will only tolerate wheat bread if it is toasted. I won’t feed him corn, citrus fruits, strawberries, beans, tomatoes or anything that is hard to chew. But, he wants to eat everything. He is a lip smacker, like his father. The baby is still drinking breast milk, but won’t hold the bottle on his own. He tries, but can’t hold it high enough to get milk. He can’t drink from a sippy cup either, but he tries.
He is learning how to open drawers and swing a door(which he especially finds irresistable if it squeaks). . He can pull clothes out of a basket (or the dryer). He likes to grab toes and noses. Just yesterday, he started clapping his hands and playing “Crawl keep away,” with his father. He will bring me a book and let me turn him around so that he sits in my lap. He will look at the pictures while I read the book. He does like to flip the pages. He can open a swinging cabinet door and take out all of the pans that are inside.
There are a few different ways of putting him to sleep. He’ll climb to your shoulder and rock back and forth if he wants to be on the shoulder and rocked(even if you are laying down). . He will roll from side to side if he wants to be in his crip or on the floor. He also pokes me with his thumb and puts his fingers in his mouth when he is sleepy. He doesn’t do the “sleepy moan,” much anymore. He goes to sleep between 8:00 and 10:00 every night. Yes, he still wakes up a few times during the night. This doesn’t bother me. He wakes up between 6:00 and 7:00 every morning. He use to take two naps in the day: one at 9:30–10:00 for about 30minutes and another about 12:00 for a couple of hours. But, now, he only takes one big nap. When he wakes up in a bad mood (crying), I put him back to sleep until he wakes up in a good mood (laughing, gabbling or making other funny sounds with his mouth). This is because I know that he is still sleepy.
Azaan is not immitating or taking turns yet. But, it is not time for him to do this yet. My mother thinks that he should understand the word “no.” but I am certain that he doesn’t, even though I tell him “no” when he pulls my hair, tries to climb the stairs or plays with our blinds.
I love to see him learn new things. He is kind of shy when new people are around. But, when he is comfortable, there is no shortage of laughing and gabbling. It is so fun to see him learn and grow. I love these baby times. And, no matter if you are with your little infant 24-7 and even if you take pictures and record his very cute baby voice with your IPhone, you will still think that the time is going too fast and that you need a magic spell to slow it down. There is an Urdu story about a man who is so impatient that he “pulls the string of time,” from the “spool of life,” to make his life go faster so that he can get to the good parts. The problem is, he can’t go backward. So, he is quickly quite old and regrets his impatience. If I can find the name and the link to the story, I’ll post it. I’ll probably have to tell Azaan the story anyway. My point is that even when you try to cherish every moment with your baby, it will still feel like it has gone way too fast… … and he is only ten months old. I am doomed!

retiring my guide Fallbrook

I bet you didn’t know that I have / had a guide dog since 2006. I wanted to write about this earlier, but am just too lazy to put in the links and a couple of pictures (which would make the blog more interesting and probably also generate some traffic). If I can find a picture, I’ll put it in in another post and just have another post called: “Fallbrook.”
there were many reasons that I chose to get a guide dog in that stage of my life, but by 2010, I married and my life became very different. I won’t elaborate on the differences in this post, but will make mention of them in a later post. And, I have talked about the problems that surround my guide on my other blog:
some will ask, “Why not retire the dog and keep him as a pet?” Well, while that is an option for many, it is not for us. First, DH is against having a pet (dog saliva and excrement, is unclean, dog hair is unclean, the dog must be on his best behavior at all times, etc)and would never support it. Second, if he did, the dog would have to stay in the garage. third, it is a lot of work for me. fourth, the dog is use to constant companionship and if he was our “pet” we would have to leave him home alone quite a bit and he would not enjoy himself. fifth, money money money. There is just not a compromise. And, even if there were, I am not sure that I want to deal with it. I think that Fallbrook would be better off with another family.
When I went to the hospital to have the baby, a friend of mine took the dog. Since I have had the baby, discord about the dog has grown. And, I have to admit, it is much more difficult to work the dog and carry the baby. Yes, I know women who do it… just as I know women who juggle working and parenting. But, in both cases, I’m not that woman.
OK, (for anyone who is clueless or who has just started reading this blog) DH has a firm dislike for dogs. they are unclean. Again, I don’t have time to reference it, but the Hanifis support “no dogs in the house,” and such. I could argue that guide dogs are service dogs and therefore should get an exception. He tollerated the dog until I had the baby. But, he just can’t stand dogs around him and/or the baby. The dog hair is unclean, licking is unclean, etc. Honestly, I don’t like a dog licking me, either. but, he goes way overboard. We have had too many arguments about this subject. He is extreme, but not always wrong. And, I have family that go to the other extreme. It is so tiring to broker the middle ground. My father (and daughter to some extent as well) treat dogs as if they are “little humans.” My father feeds his dogs table food, lets them rule the house, gives excuses when they bark and growl at people, won’t keep them in their cage, justifies when they mess on the floor, lets them ride in the car (but without a seatbelt or cage) to accompany him everywhere, won’t spay or neuter or vaccinate the dog, buys his dogs endless toys, allows his dogs on the furniture(even his bed — under the covers) and generally treats them like his children. I would not go that far, but I need to say:
I already miss my guide, Fallbrook. He is so well trained. He listens quite well. He is also gentle with little kids and babies. He slows down when I am carrying the baby and tries to be very careful when going over a step. there wer even times when I had to lean on him a bit and he took it all in good stride. There was a time when I accidently set the car seat on his paw and he just calmly moved his paw out from under the car seat. when a baby crawls and steps on him, he just moves so that the baby can’t reach him. I know that the dog will miss me, too. He is just so happy to be here. This is not saying that I want the dog all of the time. Now he is fine. But, We have decided that the dog will leave (tonight) and the Guide Dog representative will visit Fallbrook in his “soon to be” new home. It is a home with four children and two parents. They had the dog for two weeks after the baby was born and just fell in love with him… and I think that he enjoys them, also.
DH is now ready to get a vacuum. I hesitated because I want a good one without a “kirby price tag.” So, we do, as of now, have lots of dog hair on the floor. We have been using others’ vacuums for now.
Anyway, I miss my dog. And, I don’t want the baby to be so rigid about dogs. OK, he doesn’t have to be an animal lover — I’m not. But, I know that he loves watching the dog — at least my daughter’s little one. I think what I’ll do is take the baby in the stoler outside today and then groom the dog. I’ll keep the dog a safe distance from the baby, but be able to let the baby watch the dog and give the dog some attention. The baby doesn’t seem to be as excited about Fallbrook. I think that this is because Fallbrook doesn’t move fast and is big. He tries to pull the tail of my daughter’s dog, Piper. I let the baby touch the dog’s tail or paws and then wash his hands and use hand sanitizer afterwords. I teach the baby how to pet the dog, but make sure that the baby is not by the dog’s head. And, I wash the baby’s hands afterword so that dog hair does not get into his mouth. But, I will not let the baby come close to the dog’s face at all. I respect DH’s concerns, even if I don’t share them as fervently as he does. He asks: “what will you do if the dog licks the baby?” I am not sure what reply he is looking for, I want to say: “Wash and sanitize his hands,” but instead I say: “Take him to the hospital and get him checked for diseases.” OK, I’m being sarcastic, but not by much. If it didn’t cost money, DH knows that he would actually do that very thing.
In any case, it is going to be an interesting day with the baby and I. I’d love to here what all of you do about your children when they interact with animals. Do you and your spouse have the same level of comfort with animals? If you don’t, how do you compromise? The baby probably won’t notice a difference with the dog being gone…. but, I am not sure.
I’d love to hear your opinions and thoughts.

transforming relationships: experiences with your adult children and new husband

Sometimes it is difficult transitioning into a different relationship with your child when they become adults. There are decisions to make, lives to lead, people to influence and be influenced by… … etc. I expect my adult children will grow and change, after all, if I’m honest, I’m still changing and am not who I was even five years ago. The role of a parent with adult children is mostly an observer, (with some physical and emotional support thrown in for good measure). I would not say that my children and I are “friends.” Some people will scoff at this. There is too much “child parent” relationship for us to actually be “friends,” like their other friends. Additionally, my mother and I are certainly close (depending on the day), but I would not call us “friends,” or “peers.” This is because she has had experiences that I have not. Her peer group is comprised of those with similar backgrounds and I will never belong to it because most of our experiences together are that of parent and child, not of adult to adult. maybe this is just a short coming of ours. But, I am not saddened by this. It is what it is. and, I feel quite secure in this type of relationship with her, as I hope my daughter does with me. I don’t think this takes anything away from our relationship.
My daughter has been married since April 1st. The impressive shell has come off and I can see the struggles that her and her husband are facing. No, there are no real concerns: such as physical violence, domination or adultery. But, I do see her struggle, nonetheless. And, in some circumstances, I see where our husbands (no my husband is not her father, so it makes it kind of interesting), are similar. Because I have only been married 23months, I can see that both of us women “are” having some of the same experiences with our husband. Instead of bonding, however, it makes it a bit awkward for us. I am not the kind of mother in-law who bashes her son-in-law or actively takes any sides. I know that she must navigate these waters, herself. But, sometimes, I worry about her and the person that she might become as a result.
then, there is the Navy Captain (he is not really a Captain, it just sounds good — but he is in the navy), who is trying to generate more money by embarking on a sales career. He thought he could save us money, but after learning the business loopoles, found out that he can’t. Still, part of me wants to sign up for some of his services to help him get a hefty commission. Yet, DH is having none of that! And, this is where the “new husband” comes into play.
I, as the mother, am much more emotional about my children. I want to help them when I can. This includes financially. We are not making a lot of money now, but more than I made as a single parent. The natural inclination is to want to help your children financially, especially when you (I) were not able to do this before. I now have a bit more cash at my disposal and I want to share it with my children who probably need it. the problem is that I have a new family: husband and child. He is a bit more strict about where the money is being spent. He feels that I am coddling my children and should insist that they pay for all of their expenses on their own. My married daughter has no problem with this, ditto for the Navy captain. But, I do have a Mr. Basketball who is still in college.
There are two problems with his thinking:
1. when he was in college, there were literally at least twenty people who either gave him money or assistance/services/things that should have required money, but didn’t. No, his parents did not send money. but, there were many other people who did. And, to this day, his mother still sends him clothes so he doesn’t have to go and buy any. Hmm, (reflection) I am not sure she sends packages with the same frequency and eagerness to his sister as she does to him! [ another interesting piece of the puzzle on their sibling relationship to analyze].
Anyway, Yes, DH did work, which helped. But, if you are playing a sport and trying to keep up your grades, sometimes, working is not an option. Actually, if you have received any money as scholarship for playing a sport, then, it is kind of like you working for that scholarship. But, even so, he has some back rent and other such bills to pay.
2. when I have a resource, I want to share it, not hoard it. this is a general difference between DH and I. I don’t frivolacely spend money. I do many things to save money. We don’t go out frequently. I am not a compulsive shopper. But, I do want to help where there is a need and being a mother, I feel responsible for helping my children. OK, not overly responsible in the way that I am responsible for all of their bills and/or their decisions. But, if I have something and they “need” it, I feel a desire and a duty to give it.
DH, not being their father, feels no such duty and I believe even resents their neediness.
This leaves me in the middle because I want to help, but feel my hands are tied. And, “no” DH has never directly “forbid,” me from giving them help in the form of money or otherwise. But, he complains about it and sometimes even pouts for days. “(how mature, who’s the child)”. [But, that last statement is me venting and actually is not a helpful statement to advance the discussion].
Putting this back on the parenting subject, I feel that this is one of the things that strains the bonds between me and my adult children. thus, it makes me cling to my little one even more fervently. I need to be careful not to redirect or displace feelings in such a way that it becomes unhealthy. That is, I can’t make my decisions about the baby as an emotional reaction to the situations with his siblings. There is a fine line between understanding your current situation and experience so that you will make every attempt not to recreate it … … and overreacting to situations with your current child to either make up for or try to prevent past challenges from reoccuring. this might not make any sense to anyone else. and, is certainly not a typical “parenting post.” Yet, is is quite relevant.

all about feeding the baby

So, first, I should probably start off with an update to my pumping saga. If I am clever, I can get a few topics covered in one post without boring you to death!
For some reason, I can only pump about 20oz per day. I have long since left the stage of analysis and have moved on to acceptance. and, I’ll need to stay there because, it seems that for some unknown reason, I will most likely continue to decrease in production. sure, I’ll try the Fenugreek capsules when I can get to the health food store, but I’m trying not to stress about it. It is what it is. This means that I am quickly going through my storage of frozen milk: (Good thing that none of my offers to give some of my frozen milk to Moms with preemies just never worked out). Hopefully, I can hold on until 12months, at least. I got a new Ameda pump (I have the worst time with pumps, but at least I can do both breasts at one time: cutting my pumping time to 20minutes per session). Yet still, only 20-25 ounces per day. So, I supplement with about 12oz of frozen milk per day…. … sometimes more and sometimes less.
I am following the guidelines to first feed my baby milk and then try some food. Here is where I insert a product review; (which, if I was more ambitious, I’d upload to Amazon). The product is the “munchkin Squeezy spoon.” I am sorry, but it just takes too long for me to insert the HTML code into this post, especially when I have forgotten it and — there is nothing worse than spending fifteen minutes trying to remember and still doing it wrong. Anyway, back to the review
1. **no bowl! No bowl to keep out of baby’s reach! No bowl to dip my spoon into and then try to make it elusive for Baby to get ahold of! and, while we are talking about dipping the spoon, since you don’t have to “dip” you don’t have to worry about food dripping from the underside of the spoon. No bowl to take with you on trips! No bowl to clean.
2. As a blind person, I admit that it is hard to keep the spoon level when you are trying to feed a squirmy baby. I don’t feed the baby facing me, that leaves his hands too idol and free for exploring. With the Squeezy spoon, you don’t have to worry about spillage. OK, you can spill it, it is just much harder. Hmm, I wonder if moms with CP and other similar disabilities know about this spoon?
3. it is so easy to just fill the spoon, cap it and take it with you for travel and storage.
1. The food must be a bit thinner than plain yogurt consistency. I imagine that I’ll have to start using a baby spoon and traditional methods when he starts eating small chunks in his food. I have a baby bullet, so I can puree. But, I tried mashing up a banana with a fork and loading it into the spoon. Note: your baby can get quite fussy if he actually likes bananas, but you have to stop every bite to unclog the spoon, making him wait for eternity for that next bite. Unclogging the spoon does get frustrating.I am sure that they could increase the dial’s functionality not only to close and open the spoon’s squeezy hole, but to expand it to accommodate coarsely strained food.
2. It is difficult to get that last bit of food squeezed onto the spoon. You end up squeezing lots of air and the baby gets frustrated unless he likes to eat air; which mine does not. There is only small tates of food on the spoon. I tried tapping the spoon on the table to get all of the food down to the Spoon’s end, I was just not that successful.
In any case, the baby loves to eat and wants to eat whatever we are eating. steaming and Pureeing babyfood is new for DH who says that his mother just fed her babies table food It usually takes Azaan a few tries to like a new kind of food. He is now eating: Bananas(Kayla) , avacados(DH is not an avid veggie and fruit eater, so don’t know the Urdu name for that one), pears(Nashpati), Peaches(Aroo), sweet potato(shahkar kandi), water mellon(karbooza), other mellon(tarbooz), carrot(gajar), zucchini(We don’t eat that in Pakistan) and today he might try Pumpkin(kado). For a while ago, he was constepated. He had only eaten bananas, avacado and sweet potatoes and I assumed that it was the sweet potatoes. So, I gave him plums(aloo bakari) and prunes(who knows the Urdu word for that). I tried that syrup, but it didn’t work. I am giving him more water in the day. He won’t drink from his newly purchased “Tommy Tippy sippy cup,” but he tries drinking from a regular paper cup, if I hold it for him. [more on water later]. I thought that sweet potatoes were the culprit, but it might have been all of those bananas. In any case, I hesitate to give him iron drop for a variety of reasons: 1 reason is that I don’t want him even more constepated.
He also likes eating from my hand and will eat mellon, avacados (yes, apparently, he does not find them bland at all) and bananas in this way, if I let him. I do have this mesh thing that holds a piece of fruit and the baby chews and sucks until all the juice from the fruit has been extracted. Sometimes, I’ll let him eat like that, but it is just as messy as hand feeding him. I know lots of people say that hand feeding is not a good idea. But, I always do it when he is sitting on my lap, so it is not like he is a dog roaming for people food. And, honestly, it works for me.
I might just invest in a high chair, not to feed him in exactly, but to sit him in while we eat. In that way, he will still be at the table. I might steam some sweet potato for his first finger foods. Oh, did I mention that he still has 0 (ZERO, as in “NO”), teeth. but, he is definitely a south Asian eater: he already has the lip smacking part down!
My daughter seems to think that if I continue to use the squeezy spoon, he won’t learn to eat from a regular spoon and will just try to suck the food off of the spoon. Well, I tried yogurt today. I could not put it in the squeezy spoon because there were some very small fruit pieces which would have clogged the spoon. I sat him on my lap and fed him with a small plastic spoon. Now, I admit that it was yogurt from my refrigerator and probably was sweetened with sugar, so naturally, he would love it! (But, I take comfort in the fact that he enjoys eating avacado from my hand, so is not actually only wanting the sugary foods). He ate about half the container… … sure, it was a small (probably 4oz container— but still) without needing to be cleaned up afterwords. I don’t care if he sucked the food off of the spoon. He liked it so much that he ate it with very minimal mess! OK, we did share the container, so I ate a small bit and he ate a larger bite, until he turned his head and seemed disinterested. I am proud. Now he can eat from both. DH still hasn’t and probably won’t ever feed him yet. But, I have told him that the next time he criticizes the spoon I want to use or the veggies/fruits that I feed him, he can feed the baby himself.
Experts say that we should not give our babies water because it decreases the baby’s milk intake. Ditto about food. Well, leave it to my baby to not follow the norm. It seems like his milk intake has actually “increased,” even though he is eating food and drinking about 4oz of sterilized baby water per day. My routine is to give him a bottle of milk, followed up with food and then topped with a drink or two of water. You would think that he would be getting larger and/or heavier. Probably not. At his last pediatrician’s visit(06/29/2012), he is still in the fifth percentile with his weight: only 15.6lbs. But, he is in the fiftieth percentile in height… DH is five feet six inches; go figure. I am not a big “norms and percentages,” person, I am just wanting to give you an idea of his weight and height, despite his ravenous appetite.
Today is the first day of Ramadan and we will probably go to the mosque later. This will be Azaan’s first time at the mosque and should be interesting. I hope that no one tries to convince me to feed him table food!


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