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further introduction

February 27, 2012


I decided to write this blog to highlight some of our experiences: good and bad. There are some unique challenges, due to family dynamics, disability, etc. But, most dparents can relate to much of what I write. I hope that you enjoy the blog. I do have a blog over at

It highlights our relationship before the baby and gives some general details about us. Please, check it out, if you are interested in intercultural issues, interfaith families, blindness, — or just “us” in general. (smile)

I am 42yo and my husband is 26yo(gasp gasp tisk tisk). Get over it, we make it work for us.

I have four adult children: 23, 21, 20 and 19; obviously from an earlier marriage.

this is his first child.

I am christian. He is Muslim. (no, you won’t be seeing posts that discuss him putting restrictions on me or trying to run the household in a totalitarian way or his miraculous conversion to christianity). [Sorry, you’ll have to go elsewhere if you want bashing or situations that fall into the stereotypes]. — at least, for the most part. Any similarities with the stereotypes are accidental.

He is a proud Pakistani and I am an American. (This culture divide causes more contentious issues or brings more spontaneous enjoyment than religion).

We have a wonderful baby boy Azaan.

We are both totally blind.

Is that enough to make a relatively interesting blog????

Well, this is our journey. PS. sorry I have not been able to upload pics, yet. Somehow, I just can’t seem to figure out how on this old desktop. But, I’ll try to do so as soon as possible. You are welcome to check my facebook page out where there are plenty of photos, though. I believe this blog is linked to my facebook page.



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  1. Ajnabi permalink

    Hey, I have been following you since you started the other blog. For some reason I was thinking you were in Pakistan already. Anyways, this blog is gonna be interesting. Can’t wait to read more posts. By the way, I couldn’t find the link to your facebook page. Could you post it somewhere? I would love to know you on FB too. 🙂

    • jamily5 permalink

      thanks for commenting. Wow! Glad to know that you have been reading, comment liberally b/c I’d love to know your thoughts/opinions.
      We were suppose to go to PK, but the baby doesn’t have his passport yet. DH is kind of dragging his feet, so I let him. His sister is preg and I don’t think he wants to leave until she has the baby.
      But, maybe I am just reading too much inot the feet dragging thing. In any case, we have not went and who knows when we will actually go.
      Thanks for asking.
      I guess I had better post an update on the other blog.

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