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Wraps, carriers, etc…. … reviews and comments

March 1, 2012


Written on 01/22/2011
My goal was to try many different carriers, even before baby was born to see which I might like best. It did not work. For one reason, most stores only had a few off brands. I did not want to spend a bundle in transport fees and most of my saturday time going to stores to find carriers; just to discover that they did not have what I was looking for. And, besides, I did not know what the baby would like and/or how the baby would feel in the carrier. I wonder why they don’t have a babydoll (roughly 10lbs and 21inches [sorry can’t convert to metrics] to test the carriers with).
I was going to try the Bjorn, but many people said that it hurt their back. Being 42yo, my back is not in the greatest shape already. so, that one was out. the butterfly beco was one that I wanted to try, but it was so expensive!!!! Ditto with the Urgo. And, I could not find a distributor near me. A friend of mine gave me a sling. It was a life saver for about six weeks. But, now, the baby liked it for a while, but now he won’t go in it because he can’t see out. this sling is like a hammock cradle kind of thing. Another friend of mine had the moby, but while I love the concept, I could not get it wrapped correctly. Blame it on blindness or memory or lack of coordination or whatever you want, but I could not see myself exiting public transit and spending a half an hour trying to get the moby wrapped correctly. All the while, my baby is screaming, it is freezing outside and I have just missed my doctor’s appointment. I would end up just carrying my baby in my arms. Of course, I like the concept of the sling and the wraps, but I was afraid that I would like it more than the baby…. (smile)
And there is the problem, As a blind person, we need one hand for the cane (or service dog). We often have to “feel” to make sure everything is going smoothly. Car seats and strolers can make you feel like you are carrying enough for an army. And, it is hard to navigate with that much equipment. Not to mention, the car seat is clunky and heavy and uncomfortable to hold/carry. the stroler/car seat combo might work, but it is still lots of equipment to lug around. And, if I want to know what my baby is doing, I don’t want to reach over into a seat, I want to be able to respond quickly. Besides, those systems are quite expensive and honestly, I don’t go out very much. So, for these reasons, I was on the move for the right carrier.
We got two carriers at the baby shower. Both were similar. One is much easier to understand (not many buckles and straps and such which can seem like a maze to figure out), and DH can wear the baby. He has a few times. But, I still need to load the baby in the carrier after he puts it on. Both the carriers were made for “smaller parents,” so I can’t use them. Here is a pic of my daughter with the baby in the carrier. [if the pic doesn’t post, you can blame it on my ineptness. I am working on it and will update you and the post when I get the correct tips to do so]. He enjoys being carried around. DH won’t get his pic taken with the carrier.
For christmas, DH bought me the K’Tan baby carrier/wrap.
I wish that I had a pic of this one, but I am horrible at taking pics (of other people, much less myself) and no one is here to take the picture for me. there are pictures on the website and if I do get someone to take the pic, I’ll upload it and update the post. I’d much rather you see my wonderful baby than those on the K’tan website(smile smile).
anyway, How can I explain this one???? It is all fabric, no straps or buckles. There are three pieces of fabric, not including the sash which is a separate piece of fabric. There are two pieces of fabric that are essentially large loops. It is like you have two t-shirts, that are about 3x in size, but the T-shirts don’t have any arms and there is no “neck.” Lay these two T-shirt loops side by side and you see the third small piece of fabric. It is a ring of fabric which connects these two loops together. there is less wrapping with the K’tan which helps. There are some steps involved, but the good part is that the first few steps are the same, so you have a good starting point. If there are any blind mothers — or fathers that need some personal assistance, I would be willing to walk you through the first couple of positions. There are eight ways to hold your baby in the K’tan. there is a video online detailing each position. But, as always, I, as a totally blind mother, can’t understand it. Now, if I can get my skype to work, Tali, at the K’tan store said that she will walk me through the positions. so, honestly, she would be a better option, but I might be able to help with a blind prospective. I know two of the carrying positions. The baby has quickly grown out of the cradle position because he can’t see what is going on. But, he likes the “facing me” position. the only downside to this carrier is that I am the only one who can use it because the K’tan goes by the size of the wearer, not the baby.
So, reporting on our progress, yesterday we took baby out to our favorite pizza place. (like he was going to eat pizza, but we wanted to go out on our own and see how we would do with the baby). I did not want to do this before the six/eight week mark because this was our bonding and immunization boosting time. However, I realized another good reason to get the K’tan. If baby gets fussy and needs to be out of the carrier (or when you need to take baby out to put him in the car seat), the K’tan allows you to get the baby out quickly. I just scoop baby out of the material. I can keep the K’tan on and it doesn’t feel like I am wearing a space suit. That means that I can get baby out of the K’tan, keep it on myself, hold baby close to me and feed him whithout him feeling those uncomfortable buckles/straps. (I am bottle feeding breastmilk). And, since I can keep it on, I don’t have to worry about finding it when I need to put it back on. the sash (when not in use) is just a piece of material that can either act as a blanket or an insert in the car seat. OK, I kind of used it as a glorified burp rag, yesterday. (smile)
If you are going to get a carrier, one thing I might suggest is to use it at home. I still don’t feel comfortable wearing my baby (that is what they call it now) when I am doing dishes, carrying bulky or heavy objects, cooking or bending. OK, I can’t squat bend very well…. … [I can get down, but not back up]… … anyone want to exercise with me???? needless to say, those times don’t feel safe for me, so I will put my baby down. Yet, I used the K’tan around the house a bit before going outside with it. I did this partly because I wanted us both to get use to the wrap/carrier and partly because I didn’t want to feel like we wasted our money. furthermore, I can get a few things done around the house when wearing the baby in this wrap/carrier.
the point with all things related to baby is that you must continuously try it until it gets more comfortable for you. You are not going to instantly feel comfortable; whether it is a breastfeeding position, a baby carrier/wrap, putting the baby in that cumbersome (but necessary) car seat or even dressing and changing baby. For FTMs it will all seem weird and uncomfortable at first. So, maybe I should try taking the car seat / stroler combo out more(Ugg, not!) [He doesn’t like either particularly]. . We will see. But, for now, I like my k’tan.
Hey, and as an extra bonus, it kind of rhymes with Azaan. (smile)


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