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ABCs of Baby food

March 2, 2012

My sister’s best friend, (I guess she is my friend by extension), [I thought she didn’t like me b/c she never paid me when I watched her little boy, but maybe she just wants to support this simple life style — and I should forget the very distant past] brought me a gift a couple of weeks ago. I always wanted to make my own babyfood. thus, this wonderful person (wonderful for thinking of me and getting me such a great gift] got me a “Magic Baby Bullet.”
Magic Baby Bullet

(why can’t I get money for these advertisements???? I just don’t know how and don’t know if it is accessible). [Honestly, I try to be a minimalist, but I have talked about swaddlers, baby carriers and food processors — just in the last three posts. and I still have to talk about breastpumps and cloth diapering].
I thought about doing whole finger foods first. But, avacados would be hard to pick up, so I’ll probably do a combination.
anyway, I have not actually “used” the baby bullet, yet. Part of this reason is, I am not sure when we will start introducing whole foods. furthermore, I want his first whole foods to be fresh not frozen. I am, however, considering milling some grains (just so I can use it right now). –(smile at my impatience).
As a side note: I have tried contacting the Baby bullet manufacturers to ask if they would put the nutrition guide (the book that has all of the recipes in it) online for easy access. the manual is online, so why not the baby bullet nutrition guide? they keep saying that they can’t help me until I provide them with my bar code which is located on the bottom of the machine or on the registration card. I tell them that the bar code is not written in braille, so I can’t read it. So, they can’t help me. Quite discouraging!!!!
Back on track, although I did say (at the beginning of our marriage) that I would not make two meals. We would all eat the same thing. I find myself sometimes making two meals because I want to eat something that DH does not like: (mashed potatoes, pasta alfredo — pasta of any kind) or because I have made something that DH does like, but is too spicy for me(Usually Dahl [lentils], chole[garbanzo beans], or nameless other attempts at Indian food). Subsequent lunches are from leftovers. . I wanted a chicken salad sandwich for dinner and knew that it would not fly with DH. So, I made him some stir fry. sometimes, I just need to take a break from “RICE.” while he had stir fry, I had a chicken salad sandwich with fresh baby carrots and some beets. Actually, I like fresh beets, but they were canned for yesterday’s meal. I always take our baby to the table. Even if he is not eating, he can sit with us while we eat. Sometimes I hold him while DH eats and then we switch. At other times, I can hold him with one arm and eat with one hand.
Last night, I was telling the baby, “unlike your father, you will love beets.” I began to sing:
“A is for the avacados which you will always love,
B is for the Beets that we will share,
C is for the carrots that we will crunch together,
D is for one doughnut, because that is fair.”
(don’t mess with my rhyme, I made it up on the cuff and could not think of another D food quickly enough to make it more nutricious — that is why I mentioned only “one” doughnut – smile).
But, DH decided to insert a different alphabet.
“A is for Aloo teeki” (battered fried spiced potatoes),
“B is for Biryani,” (an indo/pak rice dish),
“C is for Chole,”
“and D is for Dahl.”
I nixed his alphabet, after all, it didn’t fit into my rhyme. But I did find a few wonderful babyfood making sites that talk about when to eat different foods and when spices are good for baby.
A great Baby Food site
Another awesome Baby Food site

and, I think that I can get around the printed nutrition guide. My daughter might actually read me a couple of recipes. but, I don’t like people to assume that she is always there to help me, especially if there is a way for me to do it on my own. (that is another post). It is just frustrating that the people at Baby Bullet can’t/won’t help. thank God for the internet! (shhhhh, I am only whispering this, I don’t want DH to hear me).
I do have to say that I am kind of excited to start avacados and bananas. I am kind of interested to see which blends that he likes best(Avacado/Banana, apricot/peach, cinnamon/sweet potatoes, pumpkin apple sauce, pear/beet, carrot/apple, banana/pumpkin, apple/squash, carrot/beet, avacado/mango, etc.) Yet, I won’t let my impatience dictate when we start whole foods. I’ll wait for his lead. Besides, I have to find that neat Boon squirt spoon that everyone keeps talking about. Since it is hard for me to keep the spoon level, this might really come in handy. Well, These are just pre-thoughts because Baby Azaan is only three months and we are not even considering anything but breastmilk at this point. He has finally started drinking 4 to 5 oz per feeding.
Woohoo! but, life is good! Thanks for my Baby bullet!


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