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Naming Babies Informally

March 3, 2012

Every child has little nicknames when he is a baby. Parents use the characteristics or traits that are most prominent to find cute names for their baby. And, almost everything sounds cute at that age. It is as if you put “little” in front of it and are describing a baby, the next word has to be cute.

I admit that I like alliterations and rhyming words. Some of these might seem cheesy, but they are “mine” so “Cheesy” is ok with me. (smile)

when Azaan came home from the hospital, I nicknamed him “The snacksmacker,” because he would smack his lips and make sounds with his tongue when he was hungry and he is a very noisy eater. Confession: DH is a noisy eater *when he is at home* also. DH even does this in his sleep. But, I guess that is another post. DH sometimes calls him “FaFaloo,” or “little Lalchi,” [Lalchi means Greedy in Urdu]. When he started urinating through the diaper and onto his clothes regularly, he was called “Mr. Super Soaker.” Since he loves the swaddle blanket, we swaddle him often. But, he does tend to resemble a glow worm, which has given him another nickname. Since we have shaved his head,

(for background on this issue, please see

Ganja Bacha

my blog post about head shaving

more information about “why” Muslims do it

and my thoughts and feelings about the experience).

he is now called, “Ganja head,” [Ganja is bald in Urdu]. This alternates with “Bobble head,” and “waffle head,” because he is always trying to lift and move this large monstrocity of a head. Since I am cloth diapering, sometimes his middle looks about as big as his head and he makes me think of a Weeble. this is not a small insect, it was a toy when I was groing up. It was round on the bottom and wabbled everywhere, but never really fell over onto its side or upside down. . So, I will call him Weeble Wabble. He can go from laughing to crying in a matter of a tenth of a second, but I hesitate to call him The extremist — with a Muslim father, I am sure it would get misunderstood. (smile)

What are your cute names for your baby? I’d love to hear them all.


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