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Happy 100!

March 6, 2012

today is my LO’s 100th day out of the womb. I must admit, he is a bit fussy today: maybe still trying to adjust! — but, so is DH, so I guess it runs in the fam. I have had 100days of holding/snuggling Azaan, hearing his voice(whether it be a malifulous coo or a piercing scream) and having spit up smeered on at least one part of my body. I have recorded his voice on my iphone, dbut don’t know how to upload it yet. for me, that is better than a picture!!! tonight will be the hundredth night that I will have slept with my wonderful baby by my side. We have experienced more than 600 feedings and changings together. He has learned to smile, coo and is strengthening his head muscles, as well as his stomach muscles. He is trying to sit up when I put him in the boppy. He is tracking with his eyes and he is trying to grab sometimes. The only thing that he actually grabs on a regular basis is my hair, but I think he is jealous because he still doesn’t have any! (smile)
Here is a photo of Azaan at day 96, the closest that I have to 100.
Azaan’s pic at 96days old; taken by dominika
I don’t know how to get it from facebook and post it, so you will have to click on the link, sorry. And, for you blind/vi people, dominika did not describe this one, yet. Hey, it is a work in progress! someone said that my facebook page is not linked with this blog — nor the other one either. So, here is the page.
My facebook page with lots of pics of Azaan
Happy viewing!
I think Nothing can melt the heart like a baby’s babble and smile! So, here is my tribute to babies everywhere.
check out
10 of the most famous babies in history
To learn interesting facts about your baby, check out:
21 interesting facts about your baby
more interesting facts about baby
and, something interesting:
today is the Oreo’s 100th birthday, acording to the BBC. In the spirit of keeping our “100 theme,” check it out:
Celebrating the Oreo Although, they don’t tell who invented the Oreo or any facts about it. They just give a couple of recipes (in metric/UK type of measurements).
Azaan and Oreo can celebrate 100 together. If I had transport and could go to the store on a moment’s notice, I’d make an oreo dessert for this evening… … oreo cheesecake sounds scrumptious!… … even if Azaan can’t eat it. I’ll celebrate for him.

  1. Mm I live Oreos! But not as much as cute baby smiles! Time goes by so quick and our babies are growing up so fast!

  2. The photos are easy – just download from FB (right click a photo) and then use the photo uploader on WP while writing a post.

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