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The short trip to Crazy!: traveling with our LO

March 7, 2012

[Written on 02/15/2012]
{When I get better at these posts, I will insert a sound to play when you open up each post. Today’s sound would be a car engine}.
I think that my baby boy is the only one who “hates” the car and the car seat. His first trip was from the hospital to home. He cried most of the way home. We have taken about twenty trips (hospital, doctor’s office, occasional restaurant, to see my sister, the board of health (for my shots), to get passport pics [three times], etc) Sometimes, he can tolerate the ride “to” but by the time we get to the “from” ride, (or by the time we want to come back home), he cries all the way home. The motion of the car makes no difference. sometimes he even cries on the way “to” a place. and, he has no problem crying while “in” a business. Maybe he is making a statement about his distain for corporate america, after all, he does not cry while in someone’s “home.” He only cries when we are in stores, restaurants, hospitals, post office, etc. Now, most children are rocked to sleep by the car. Not my baby boy.
Yesterday was V-day. DH and I went out while my daughter watched the baby. she had to also drive us to and from the restaurant. Baby boy cried so much I thought that he must have some really bad colick. but, as soon as we got home, (and I put him on my shoulder or DH held him in his arms), he was perfectly happy.
So, we are suppose to travel to Pakistan this year. We will be the most hated couple on the entire plane. It will be literally twenty hours of fussiness. We are rethinking this trip… … at least I am. DH says that it is the demonic car seat that is the problem. He says that Americans evented the car seat to remind children of their restrictions. Americans just like making rules and then making us pay (in one way or another) just to follow them.” It sounds like his issue and not Azaan’s, But, obviously our LO agrees with him.(smile) Nonetheless, although my baby boy loves to bounce and move, he does not like the car or car seat. I am beginning to rethink all of those trips I had planned to take on paratransit / public transportation.
No, at this point, I am not using a pacifier. the main reason is because we will lose it at the most inopportune time and regret even getting him use to the cilicone succker. I wish he would just find his thumb. that would be more economical and less of a hastle. But, as of yet, that doesn’t seem appealing to him.

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