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Gifts from the Queen!

March 13, 2012

I always cringe at the “Baby Must haves,” that I read on all of the parenting websites. Apparently, you need a bassinet, pack&play, crib and swing. The bouncy seat, and small cradle are optional. There are many structures to hold baby, so you don’t have to. You can even put one holding structure in each room, so that baby and you will always be in the same room. Don’t forget the video monitor, though, just in case your baby is being held or entertained in a different room. OK, I have three baby carriers (two from my baby shower despite my baby registry asking for one. And, DH got me one for Christmas since I could not fit into the ones that were shower gifts), two diaperbags(also from the shower) and two boppies(again, from the shower).
Anyway, I don’t have a changing table, didn’t ask for a crib (although i did look at the cosleeper and thought that it might be a worthwhile purchase — yet a bit bulky and cumbersome) and I don’t have many of the other “must haves,” and found that many of the items can be “must skip,” items. (smile) I even hesitated to buy clothes because I knew that there was a likelyhood that he could grow out of them before even wearing them one time. .
Yet, I have a swing(actually 2 — both from my sister, but have not set either one up yet), a stroler we got from a friend for $7(DH had to bargain her down from $10 — yes, that actually happened), a pack and play(from someone at DH’s work) a nest, bassinet, bouncy seat, high chair and jumping cable thing. These last five items came from “the Queen,” herself. That is, the Garage sale queen, my very own mother.
when I told my mother that I was pregnant, she said: “Oh, no, why did you do that?” She can be quite grumpy and negative. She also supports population control — no more than three children — “one for you, one for him and one for the world.”. I have already maxed my limit because I had four from a previous marriage. But, my mother started warming up to the idea and scoured the garage sales (in her area, because strangely enough, she will not go to a garage sale in my area– a larger city — which would seem to be much more profitable). Now the thing about garage sale items is that, sometimes, they don’t work fully. The bassinett is just lovely, but the mobile does not work, so there are no lights, music or spinning animals. The bouncy seat vibrates(which Azaan will sit in for about fifteen minutes before whining to get out), but the music and lights that is suspended above his head, don’t work.
So, I use these gifts for what I can get, but I still must provide the music and most of the entertainment for Azaan. The Queen’s gifts are great! I just wish that they would work. Actually, we still use the bassinet, the nest is like a portable changing table or a portable crib(sort of), and Azaan has sit in the bouncy seat for short periods of time. On a positive note: he won’t need them (or be able to use them) for that long. Furthremore, she did purchase some toys, a plethora of bibs, a car seat insert, some board books, some clothes and blankets which were quite useful. And, at least I can say that my mother is supportive! Along with the gifts, she calls about three times a week to see how we are doing. Soon she will actually be able to pronounce her newest grandchild’s name: at present, she has to ask her one and only great granddaughter, Lily, to pronounce it for her. Lily is 4yo.
Still, We aren’t complaining.

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