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I’m jealous of Rip Van Winkle

March 17, 2012

Do you remember the story “Rip Van Winkle” by Irving Washington written in 1819? Rip Van Winkle goes up on a mountain top and sleeps for twenty years. The Story of Rip Van Winkle in Verse
Now, if I took this story literally, I could poke lots of holes in it. But, the premise is so popular that there have been countless TV shows and movies with similar plots. There is even Rip Van Winkle Gardens this boasts of being a 2500 acre paradise which hosts get-aways, weddings and tours. and there is a Old Rip Van Winkle Whiskey Distillery in Kentucky.
anyway, after about 9wks, Azaan begun giving me a four hour reprieve before waking up for another feeding and then going back to sleep for another four or so hours. But, maybe it is a growing spurt, but every other night he has been waking every two hours. I don’t do caffeine and nothing has changed with my eating habits. I’m just tired!!! And, my back hurts alot — maybe time for a new bed. I just can’t get comfortable. I have a theory about sleep and newborns.
It has been proven that with adults, yawns are contageous. I think that this is because a hormone is realeased when we yawn and when we hear a yawn, it encourages this same hormone release. But, the brain of a newborn is not fully developed. My yawns (obviously) don’t stimulate my baby’s yawning hormones. In fact I suggest that a newborn’s brain does not know how to process this input, which leads to a bit of adrenalin stimulus: which does the opposite of what we are hoping for. So, the sleepier we get, the more anxious or excited our newborn becomes. Of course, this is just a theory and has no scientific evidence whatsoever to back it up. But, it sounds good — especially to my tired brain. I wonder if Chamomille tea (probably not spelling it right) has caffeine. I don’t like taking meds and they probably wouldn’t work anyway. And, since I am pumping, the likelyhood is that I would be sleepy, but the baby would not be.
If I was not sleepy, I’d find some myths about sleeping, cultural traditions surrounding sleep, superstitions about sleep and funny stories of those who were sleep deprived…. but, I am just too sleepy to put forth the effort!
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