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Got milk???? Apparently not enough!

March 19, 2012

My baby is about a week shy of 4months and I am still pumping breastmilk for him. Actually, I have been saving (freezing) about 6 to 10oz a day since January 27 — exactly two months after he was born. There were a few days that I didn’t have enough milk to save. but, there were also a few days when I had a little extra, so it probably pans out. I have not used any of the frozen milk yet. I store it in a deep freezer, so it can stay frozen for a longer time. I am always afraid that my milk will just “dry up,” and I will need to use the frozen milk, immediately. Yes, yes, soon, there will be an issue with space, but for right now, at least another month, we are ok.
Here is the problem. I have been renting a hospital Lactina pump made by Medela. Apparently, the “Lactina,” is thousands of dollars, so can’t be purchased easily. It takes me 20minutes (with at least ten minutes on the highest fastest setting) to get about 6oz in total. Since I pump at least five times a day, I’m getting about 30 to 36oz. He’s eating about 24oz. this pump is $45 a month, which is almost as much as we would be paying for formula — DH announces.
My sister gave me a Playtex electric pump. she had barely used it. I could not get one drop of milk out of that one. this was kind of disappointing because the milk would have went straight into the bottle bags that I use. So, I call the lactation consultant who confirms that many of her clients have had problems with the playtex breast pump. I ask her which pump would be the best option for me to buy. She suggests a “purely Yours,” from Ameda. I find one on Craig’s list( because I still am not sure it is going to work, I have a hard time shuttling from store to store to find one and it is pretty expensive). But, I do purchase it. the seller throws in some bottles, a lunch box kind of packing system with some ice packs and some extra cords, etc. Hmm, that is the “carry all,” or something like that. I love the portability and ease — much less bulky than the lactina. And, I appreciate the little extras. she even threw in some breast cream. — Probably TMI. The original price is $210. . Actually, I do need to get a larger flange(They come with a 25cm and I need a 27cm), but hesitate to do anything because:
I can’t feel a thing and/or get any milk out of it. I know that it is working because we (actually, my daughter) see the little rubber bags (Oh, they are called Diaphrams) that are connected to each flange inflate and deflate. The motor sounds fine. I don’t understand why my breasts are being so stubborn. I guess I need to call someone else to check out the “purely Yours.” I’ll try getting some help. But, if it doesn’t work, I will have to stick with renting the hospital pump. although DH is a computer guy, he does not sell things on Craig’s list or Ebay. We should start.


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