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Whoops, I spoke too soon

March 22, 2012

You have all read my nursing fiascos and know that I am pumping. Actually, I pump at least two hours (in total) per day. I also have to feed my LO with a bottle which takes another 2hours (or more) per day. He takes little “power naps” during the day and is most comfortable when he is sleeping near or on me. All of this means that I don’t get a lot of housework done. I am not very good at multitasking with the baby in my arms or while pumping. Even while bottle feeding (I notice) that I feed my baby a bit differently than most people. I mean, the hand that I use to hold the bottle also touches his face. I hold the bottle near the nipple so that my thumb and forefinger are holding the bottle and the other three fingers are touching his face. Why???? i don’t know, I just always have done it that way. It doesn’t feel right to him (or me) to prop the bottle and/or hold it toward the other end. and, he likes me to walk, so when he is up, we are doing lots of walking back and forth around our house.
I know that you think I went off on a tangent, but I wanted you to understand that we are use to doing things a certain way and sometimes, it does not leave room for multitasking.
I don’t do much on the computer — and when I do, it is spiratic. I do carry him in the k’tan baby wrap/carrier thingie
found at
K’tan Baby carrier web site but, I don’t like to wash dishes, cook on the stove or bend/squat or take out the trash with Azaan in the carrier. when I am sitting down, he is not in the k’tan, either. this means that I am either walking or sitting down. So, people may wonder what I do while I am pumping, feeding, etc. Of course, I talk to my baby. He hears my voice as much as I am hearing his — just at a lower decible. sure, I call some friends every now and then. But, my real companion is “stitcher,” which is a mobile (iphone) application that streams live radio and podcasts.
I was going to write about (and review) (probably still will)all (or many) of the parenting podcasts in one large blog. But, I couldn’t wait to share this blog post from a podcast. This is from the The Simple Mom’s post on Cloth Diapering. I wish that I had known about this site first. Diaper Swappers sounds interesting. I love getting a good bargain. Just FYI, there is plenty of information on this site about cloth diapers and saving money. And, since I made the declaration of “no Diaper Rash,” Azaan had to prove me wrong. Tuesday Night, I bathed him and we videoed him for my ILs. He had no diaper rash. But, 24hours later, he did. And, I stayed up with him all night! Here is an interesting article on Diaper rash. The review will have to be for another day. But, just wanted to give a great shout out to The Simple Moms for a great and timeless podcast. The only thing they could do better is to verbally describe their videos. I’d love to know other ways of folding the diapers and such. Oh, a little captioning would be nice. But, all in all, good site and helpful for this diaper rashed boy.


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  1. cloth diapering does sound good but in here, england, the initial costs of cloth diapering is a lot which really puts me off the idea.

    btw next time you experience a nappy rash, try rubbing some mustard oil in your hand with 2-3 drops of water in it, it will become white and creamy then rub it off the baby’s nappy area. It does wonders what no nappy rash cream does 🙂

    • jamily5 permalink

      Hmm, have to find mustard oil. Maybe it is sold in one of our international stores! Yeah, cloth diapering is expensive here, too. But, I calculated that 25 uses of one diaper would finally make sure that I am saving money… … if that makes sense. Thanks for reading the blog.

  2. In urdu its called Sarso’n ka Tale , ur husband would know 🙂

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