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Shake rattle and roll

April 18, 2012

Last week, we received a package from my in-laws. Yes, all the way from Pakistan. The package had rattles in it. Some of the rattles were shapes that I have never seen before. I wasn’t sure if the baby would play with them. He didn’t seem that interested in the rattles that I had already bought. But he does play with them. The one thing I can say about these rattles is that they’re smaller. It is obvious that smaller hands will be picking these rattles up. My husband says to be very careful because they are made a little more cheaply than American rattles. That means, if they’ve all on the floor they’ll probably break my personal favorite is a plastic bottle that looks like a hand with a swivel ball in the middle for the palm. That one is great. But, the baby can’t hold on to it yet. There are some that the baby can hold onto. This is because parts of the Raddel are only a bit bigger than it a large cord. Now he is holding the rattle, shaking the rattle and even rolling over to his stomach with the rattle. He’s getting better about rolling from his stomach to his back. He does this move maybe once a day. But it is getting better. Here’s a picture of him playing with one of his rattles. Thanks to Pakistan. We’ve got some toys he can now play with.


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  1. Looks like he’s lovin’ that rattle šŸ™‚

    • jamily5 permalink

      Hi Sleeping Mom,
      It sook me 10 tries to get that picture. As a blind mom, I just can’t do this photography thing well. Hopefully it will improve. Glad that you can see Azaan and the rattle.

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