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sleeping tricks that work for us

June 10, 2012

What do a soprano opera singer, a large truck or bus, a thunder storm watch signal and central air have in common? They can all lull my LO to sleep. Often, I have to emit a fifth octave “C” or higher hum to lul my baby to sleep. Much to DH’s dismay, central air seems to be better for Azaan’s sleep. I think that it is the humidity, but, just another reason DH says that our LO might not take to Pakistan as well as he hopes that he would. Strangely though, though, a walk in the sun also puts him to sleep because he squints and shuts his eyes and is soon off to sleep. But, central air insures that he will stay asleep. Azaan also likes to lay over my lap and have me bounce him to sleep. And, somehow, he does not like to sleep in the pack&play. DH thinks that it is because of the fabric on the pack and play, but we can’t put sheets on it because Azaan likes to grab and pull the blankets to help him roll over.
LO is not sleeping all the way through the night. I am fine with this. But, when we don’t have central air on, he tends to wake up every hour or two. I am not fine with this. (smile)
We will be moving into our new house this week and I hope that (although the bedrooms are upstairs), the house will be reasonably cool. Azaan is not crawling yet, but he should be by the end of the month. I keep pushing for that cardinal gate for the stairs.


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