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We’re on the move: (thought I posted June 1st, but obviously not).

June 10, 2012

I am double posting this on both of my blogs:
I don’t have enough time to write in the HTML codes, so you will have to forgive me.

We will be closing on a new house (well, it is new to us) June 7th. We will be moving on that next week/weekend. This is the reason for my absence on the blogs. there was much to decide and discuss.
1. The price of the house had to be negotiated. We know that we are moving to a more expensive part of town, but DH wanted to make sure that he got the best price for the house. this included performing such actions as dressing down our realtor (at least twice) and almost pulling out of the deal (at least three times).
2. inspection and re-inspection; which includes showing all of the receipts concerning repairs both before and after the inspection and making sure that the repairs are done by a licensed professional. Although, these stupid receipts are hand written and can not be scanned.
3. debating home owner’s insurance: I told my mother about our misgivings and when I used the term “throwing money down a hole,” she got upset and DH told me that I should call and apologize… … for what, I am not sure, but appologize, nonetheless.
4. My sister who usually does not talk very much to me has become quite chatty and a bit close to our family since I had the baby. She and my daughter and whoever we can get will come to help me pack. OK, I am procrastinating about this part. That is because I am so overwhelmed with the task. Help help help!!! Where do I start. I think that my sister is more interested in helping me “purge” than “Pack.” but we will see, and you can’t be too picky about your help: esp when you procrastinate.
the house does not have everything we want. the roof is old which is DH’s worst complaint and will be until he realizes how hot the upstairs can get in the summer. It does meet our specifications: 3bdrm and a room for the office(dining room, but it is ok because it is not connected to the kitchen), close to the bus stop that we need, 1646 sqft and a fenced-in backyard. The office space is away from the bdrms, which I also like. I want to upgrade the livingroom carpet. I like the spacious garage and the patio.
DH liked house1, the “shottery house.” It was close to his boss, a ranch style 1story. It had a very large fenced-in yard, although DH does not care about a yard much. Only the very wealthy have “yards” (I can’t remember what he calls them) in Pakistan. There was also a side yard that formerly housed a pool, but was taken out. The office space was far from the 3bdrms. The owners had just updated it and all things were new: esp the furnace and roof. It had well water, but city septic system for the sewer. It was not on the right busline for work, but DH thought he might be able to carpool with his boss. Yes, it was quite nice. But, an offer was accepted before we were able to make one.
I liked the tri-level house, We’ll call it the Morning Dove house (that was the street it was on). This house was built in 2000, had the 3bdrms upstairs, kitchen and living room on the main floor and a kind of sub-basement downstairs with a nice “game room” kind of place and a room for the office. There were windows all around the sub-basement and even nice carpet. Yes, the furnace and hot water heater were gas and not electric. No, it was not as close (about one mile) from a bus stop. But, if DH could get there, it was the “right” bus stop. The large yard was fenced and had a couple of trees in it. There was a park in the neighborhood thanks to the association. It was on the market 12days when we made an offer. Yet, we were beaten, again.
This house is quite doable, though. We will have to upgrade the furnace and roof because The house was built in 1994. Amazingly enough, the other two houses were cheaper. This house, We’ll call it the Sycamore house, has a fireplace, also. There is a pond beyond our fenced-in yard. That doesn’t impress either of us, but obviously, it does someone, because all neighbors pay an annual $200 to an association for its upkeep. I do think that our yard is far enough away that we won’t get goose droppings in it, though. I want to grow some flowers and maybe a fruit tree, but might have to contend with wasps and have questions about the geese and am not sure what to grow. I’d like to grow some Jasmine or other flowers that might make DH think of Lahore and would be a welcome change from the “normal” varieties. Anyway, more on that later.
We are actually excited about moving. And in the midst of all of this, Baby Azaan just turned six months on the 27th. He is not crawling yet, but is scooting lots. He can sit up much better and is even holding himself up more in a sitting position. He loves to jump, but is not sure that he likes that Johnny jumper thing. He likes “us” helping him jump more than anything else. I have to research baby gates and get one before we move. I have read good things about Cardinal gates. I also want to get that Munchkin Squeezy spoon because everyone is hastling me about feeding him — (actually, they hastled me at 4mo and 5mo and I can’t put it off much longer). Why does everyone have to be so mainstream????? I have to say: “no, it is not recommended — anymore — to do rice cereal first; no, no baby juice”; “he is still doing lots of tongue thrusts which indicates he is not ready… …” He seems fine, though. I mean, he is drinking … … about 32ounces of milk and seems to be happy and growing bigger and stronger… … it is just the old folks — mine and his. My mother and his mother agree on something: “when are you going to start feeding him real food?” (GRRRR). I say: “when that spoon comes in,” because it will be so much easier, as a blind mother, to feed him with that spoon. I could do it ahead of time: (DH says that his mother just fed him with a regular spoon, not even a baby spoon), but more food would get on the floor than anywhere else and I would just have a large mess to clean up. I will let DH do it, if he wants to venture out and feed him with a regular spoon. The baby spoons are just so much nicer. and the squeezy spoons will be a large help for me. I know from experience that if I feed with a regular spoon,Azaan wouldn’t actually get lots of “food” in his stomach. Sounds like a lot of work for me… … just to keep the older ones happy. I might let him lick some avacado and banana off my finger and call it “feeding.”
DH tried to play peek-a-boo with him yesterday and frightened him so much that he was at first shocked into a 5sec silence before really crying. It was horrible. DH was more impressed than Azaan. But, Azaan is laughing much more and moreso at DH than anyone else. I think the baby knows that when DH picks him up, it is time to play.
I’ll write a better post when I can. just updating any of you who might still be reading.
Please keep commenting! I’d love to hear from you.


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