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The new house!

June 11, 2012

Just updating.
We signed papers on thursday (instead of sleeping, Azaan was playing and talking the whole time). Now we have the keys to the house. Check it out Front side of the house. We still have lots of packing and moving to do. I hate packing. when I moved in 2010, I had two months to pack. I did it myself and at my own pace. Now, I just feel too tired. and, of course, I did not have a baby to contend with. My sister and my daughter said that they would help pack, etc. but, the downside of having people help is that they randomly throw away things that you don’t want them to. They are not as keen on saving money, so it doesn’t bother them to “just go and buy a new one.” I’ll probably have to buy a new beeping frizby and basketball with bells in it. And, who knows what else. Sure, I wanted to purge, but we all have different concepts of what this really means. For me, probably only four or five purses is enough — ditto with shoes. But, my daughter loves shoes and my sister loves purses, so if she has twenty of them, she is reluctant to give — (or God forbid throw) them away. It is just a difference in our values, etc. And, once it is in the throw away box, who sees it again? OK, I have tried going through “throwaway boxes” periodically to minimize the hazzard of throwing away something that I want, but I am sure that many things have escaped my grasp. Besides, the fact is that when people help you, they get tired and I think they get “trash happy.” And, I want all of the “donate” boxes coming to my house, (even if it is more to move and sort) because I don’t want them accidently going to the landfill: “Whoops, so sorry!!!”
And, there is another thing. I don’t want things thrown away that could possibly be used by another person. I don’t feel that it is good stuardship of the land — ditto on landfills. But, when you have people helping you pack, you are kind of at their mercy. Now, I could go onto my soapbox about issues of control and respecting one’s values when we talk about the relationship between the “helped” and the “helper.” But, that is for a different post.
for now, despite the fact that we will have to buy some new items because they got thrown into the dustbin — Trashcan; (and people think that I won’t even notice that they are gone), I am still excited about our new house. I want to put a swing or glider on the front portch, grow something (a bit uncommon, but not hard to grow) in the side yard, put a play yard in our fenced-in yard etc. Our office will be much larger and we will have an extra room for guests. Actually, we will have two extra rooms because it will be a while before Azaan actually “uses” the room that we have for him. He likes the feel of the living room carpet, even if it bothers me. I keep hounding DH to get that baby gate so Azaan won’t fall downstairs — even if the stairs are carpeted. I don’t think that Azaan will have any transition issues because his parents will be there and so will his food. But, we will see.
any suggestions on play yard or plants????


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