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updating again!!!

July 6, 2012

I know that I have not written in almost a month…. maybe it actually has been a month. There are so many things that have taken precedence, but I know that blogging/updating is necessary, I just need more time in the day to do so.
There are so many posts that I “could” write: but I have to stick with a general update because between the baby becoming more moble, his bouts with constepation, babbling, (and that is just with Baby) I just can’t seem to scrape together enough time to formulate anything other than a general update. We are still getting settled into the house. Baby is loving the carpet. We have not had a house warming party yet. The baby is learning more each and every day and I am glad that I get a chance to watch it, even if I don’t log it all. This is just off the top of my head, but is more of a record for me than a bread crumb for you.
Posts to come include (The list just keeps getting longer, so I better post before it gets any higher):
1. the new house and “home ownership personalities,”
2. Baby’s first five foods and the reasons behind constepation,
3. ( sister posts) why I am not following my pediatrician’s advice to supplement with Iron drops and “finding a new pediatrician” ,
4. Baby’s development has taken off,
5. Can you give the evil eye over face book? (sharing videos and curses),
6. Sil’s visit,
7. agressive crossings and agressive blindness philosophy,
8. the unveiling of the new husband (from my adult Daughter’s marriage),
9. the difference between “cheap” and “frugal,”
10. is it really responsible to do business with the banks?,
11. the ToDo list for the house gets longer,
12. cultures and blindness, (what is respect and what is pity,” and “resources and entitlements,”
13. Comcast is taking a page out of Alabama’s playbook (did not have internet for two weeks and still don’t have wireless),
14. Now we can host,
15. can women have it all? just my prospective,
16. (a sister post) “working from home and/or self employed — my options”,
17. no payment for birth control,
18. (Another sister post) only child, pregnancy and the age factor,
19. my braille book library,
20. New IPhone apps and how they could be helpful to me,
21. Electronics and the baby,
22. more on the pumping saga,
23. extended family expectations and social norms: when to follow and when to stray,
24. bilingual etiquette,
25. An Interfaith baby, what that means in “our” situation,
26. the Green eyed monster is contageous (family friends, etc),
27. the Baby’s first fourth,
28. Does “helping,” mean you have a bit of “control,” — esp when it comes to people with disabilities,
29. the purpose of a fence: neighbor boundaries!
30. I seem to either be “Possum,” or “Phalu,”
31. children’s music,
32. mainstream, Muslim, Christian, culture and baby’s exposure,


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