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tick-tock to ten months

September 27, 2012

The clock is ticking!

First, an interesting fact, my baby has now spent more of his life outside the womb.
update: Azaan will be ten months tomorrow. He is not walking yet, but it won’t be long. He can stand on his own… … if he just doesn’t move. He’s trying to walk or at least turn by himself. We don’t have shoes for him yet, but DH’s family should be sending some soon. I wanted to get shoes before now to strengthen his ankles — and (for the added benefit that they will keep on his socks), but we had a clash and I just let it go. He can now say the “d,” “B,” gutteral “gh” and “p” sounds. About six weeks ago, I had to go into the hospital. When I came out, he was saying the “m” sound (like “mama,”) for the first three days that I was home. But, it hadn’t resurfaced until last week. He also has this nasal sound that he makes, as if he is trying to say his words through his nose without opening his mouth. Weird but interesting. He also tends to crishendo his voice as if we are not listening, so he has to get louder and kind of punctuate what he is saying.
Azaan has four teeth: (three on top and one on bottom). At first, I was very careful about what my baby ate. But, due to other people’s (I won’t mention names) desires, he has tasted — and enjoyed the following foods:
cookies, kaju burfi, cake, ice cream, fruit loops, gulab jamun and the latest — cotton candy. OK, some of it was not DH’s fault: Azaan grabbed the gulab jamun off of my plate, my sister gave him fruit loops while I was in the hospital, someone gave him a bite of cake without my permission, my daughter gave him parts of a cookie. But, DH wanted him to taste Kaju burfi and cotton candy was gotten at a picnic that DH attended and he just had to bring Azaan “something” home. Actually, Azaan did not like the cotton candy. He did not like the feel of cotton in his mouth. The baby has also eaten: brown and white rice, aloo bajia (a vegetable potato dish spiced with IndoPak flavors), egg yolks, grape pieces, hummus, chana (spiced garbanzo beans), motzarella cheese, ground chicken and fish and pasta. His system can’t seem to handle oatmeal and will only tolerate wheat bread if it is toasted. I won’t feed him corn, citrus fruits, strawberries, beans, tomatoes or anything that is hard to chew. But, he wants to eat everything. He is a lip smacker, like his father. The baby is still drinking breast milk, but won’t hold the bottle on his own. He tries, but can’t hold it high enough to get milk. He can’t drink from a sippy cup either, but he tries.
He is learning how to open drawers and swing a door(which he especially finds irresistable if it squeaks). . He can pull clothes out of a basket (or the dryer). He likes to grab toes and noses. Just yesterday, he started clapping his hands and playing “Crawl keep away,” with his father. He will bring me a book and let me turn him around so that he sits in my lap. He will look at the pictures while I read the book. He does like to flip the pages. He can open a swinging cabinet door and take out all of the pans that are inside.
There are a few different ways of putting him to sleep. He’ll climb to your shoulder and rock back and forth if he wants to be on the shoulder and rocked(even if you are laying down). . He will roll from side to side if he wants to be in his crip or on the floor. He also pokes me with his thumb and puts his fingers in his mouth when he is sleepy. He doesn’t do the “sleepy moan,” much anymore. He goes to sleep between 8:00 and 10:00 every night. Yes, he still wakes up a few times during the night. This doesn’t bother me. He wakes up between 6:00 and 7:00 every morning. He use to take two naps in the day: one at 9:30–10:00 for about 30minutes and another about 12:00 for a couple of hours. But, now, he only takes one big nap. When he wakes up in a bad mood (crying), I put him back to sleep until he wakes up in a good mood (laughing, gabbling or making other funny sounds with his mouth). This is because I know that he is still sleepy.
Azaan is not immitating or taking turns yet. But, it is not time for him to do this yet. My mother thinks that he should understand the word “no.” but I am certain that he doesn’t, even though I tell him “no” when he pulls my hair, tries to climb the stairs or plays with our blinds.
I love to see him learn new things. He is kind of shy when new people are around. But, when he is comfortable, there is no shortage of laughing and gabbling. It is so fun to see him learn and grow. I love these baby times. And, no matter if you are with your little infant 24-7 and even if you take pictures and record his very cute baby voice with your IPhone, you will still think that the time is going too fast and that you need a magic spell to slow it down. There is an Urdu story about a man who is so impatient that he “pulls the string of time,” from the “spool of life,” to make his life go faster so that he can get to the good parts. The problem is, he can’t go backward. So, he is quickly quite old and regrets his impatience. If I can find the name and the link to the story, I’ll post it. I’ll probably have to tell Azaan the story anyway. My point is that even when you try to cherish every moment with your baby, it will still feel like it has gone way too fast… … and he is only ten months old. I am doomed!

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