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begin again!!!

June 11, 2014

It’s amazing to think about the reasons you start a blog, the reasons it doesn’t last and the feelings around the blog itself. I’m here to say, I’m picking it back up again. But…..

I started the blog because I thought that our parenting experience was unique enough to help those get a different prospective on parenting, yet common enough to include those who feel marginalize. Yet, I soon was overwhelmed with life, disenchanted with the lack of discussion from other bloggers and second guessing the importance of my own voice and prospective; thus, I stopped writing.
There is an amazing amount of guilt that comes with “not writing.” Even if only a handful of people read your blog, you feel as if you have stopped the story and you don’t know where or how to pick it back up again. And, even if you did, it is appropriate to do so?? Won’t others criticize you for being so halfhazzard about the entire blogging experience? does this mean that you are not really serious about those convictions / reasons that you had for starting your blog in the first place??? You wonder if you should just fade into blog history or if you will be seen like a washed-up has-been musician if you decide to pick your blog back up. And, you feel guilty because part of the story is missing, it feels fragmented, disjointed, etc.

But, I’m here. I am going to try this again. Because, for me, I feel like I am missing important reflections that I would rather read about instead of experience time and time again. Maybe there are parents who are still going through those challenges that I am … or have gone through them … and … … even if my story does seem fragmented, to leave it even more fragmented do to a bit of guilt and blogger shame is rediculous. Besides, I yearn for a bit of discussion and co-blogger analysis.

this is me, I am human, let’s move on.

For those who either enjoy or are in constant need of visuals, I’ll try … … again, to link my facebook and post some pictures of our growth, etc.

To those who are actually still subscribed to my blog, I give a hearty “thanks!” And, know that I’ll keep writing. I do ask that you comment because I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on my experiences / analysis / etc.


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  1. Sounds like my life! I have lost count of the blogs I have started up, and then let fade away. It’s hard though! Sometimes I don’t know what to write and my blog just turns in to a play by play of my day! Oh well though, it’s still good to write 🙂

    • jamily5 permalink

      Let’s start a “begin again,” theme. thanks for responding!

  2. Roshni permalink

    Hey, great that you are blogging again! I’ve neglected my own blog for years now as I’m sure you’ve seen! but all of your blogs are too unique for you to give up! BTW, I only just read about your Pakistan blog, so had a read through that, well done on Surviving what sounds like a pretty tough trip! I think the first visit to in-laws is always the worst, things now, can only get better! welcome back to blog land; great to see you and hope you will keep it up!

    • jamily5 permalink

      Yes, Roshni, I miss you. and, your blog. I would like to speak with you more one-on-one, please email me sometime.

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