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summer roundup

August 28, 2014

It certainly has been a active summer for us. My baby (Ahem, toddler) has been to the library several times; enjoyed an indoor playground until he got lost amoung the hundred children that were there: was able to pet and play with baby chicks; visit a few different water parks; played at the Children’s museum; picked strawberries, cucumbers and tomatoes; enjoyed at least three summer festivals; finally seen his three brothers at the same time; been fascinated with sparklers; went headfirst down a slide; enjoyed his first tractor ride; got his picture taken with a cow; narrowly escaped a geese ambush; spent numerous days at the mosque during Ramadan; welcomed his older sister’s baby girl into the world and tried to drive a golf cart. Of course, someone else has all of the pictures, so I can’t even display images for my sighted friends to see. (sorry).
He speaks in sentences, is understanding and speaking more Urdu, can recognize more than half of his letters and most of his numbers from 0 to 11, is starting to grasp the beginnings of consequences and empathy for others . He is learning his colors and knows at least eight shapes. He is learning to think of his own suggestions instead of taking the two options that I have given him.
What he doesn’t have down is … … going to the potty. That still seems to remain either out of his grasp or out of his desire…. whichever. So, I am patient and try not to feel a sense of competition from those who have had potty training success with their nineteen-month-old toddlers. I said that I would just relax and allow him to take the reins on this one, but — I must admit that with each passing month of dirty diaper duty (remember we cloth diaper), it is becoming a bit more challenging. Yes, I’ve checked and can confirm that his bladder can hold urine throughout the night. And, yes, he is aware of his penis and its function. He just has no desire to interrupt whatever he is doing to sit on a frog potty. And, I have not sunk low enough to bribe him, although when I do, it will be framed as “reward.” — as if that really makes a difference to anyone else, accept me. and, I’ll try to make it a “healthy reward,” by giving peanuts or soybeans instead of chocolate pieces.


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