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Welcome to my new blog!

February 26, 2012

Ok, so I have decided to write a parenting blog for a variety of reasons. I still have my blog at

and I urge all to check it out. but, I realize that not everyone who reads that blog wants to hear about baby vomit, co-sleeping, cloth diapers, breastmilk and my baby’s milestones in general — not that there are lots of readers, but that blog focuses on my marriage and culture and while my baby certainly does intersect with these issues, I thought that I might start a blog, just about my wonderful baby Azaan and our journey. There will be some (especially at first) cross posting. and, I will be putting up quite a few posts, at first because I have to catch any of my readers up to speed on the pregnancy, birth, etc. I’ll try to go in order. And, I’ll learn how to link to my other posts in wordpress, if possible. Well, I know that it is possible, but, it might not be in my capabilities. We will see.

Nevertheless, this blog will be all about the following:

1. my beautiful wonderful baby, Azaan and all of his milestones, quirks, challenges, etc;

2. my parenting choices/style;

3. our intercultural and interfaith family and what that means for Azaan;

4. parenting with a disability (blindness);

5. being a “Mature Mommy” (especially after having four children at an early age and then having Azaan nineteen years later);

6. extended family dynamics (moderately conservative Muslim family from Pakistan and a sometimes redneck white family from small town USA); 

I beg you to comment! I want to know who is reading and what you think. For the time being, I am a SAHM and while I am loving 90% of it, this is where I get my discussion. (ok, I’m on facebook, download podcasts with my new iphone and try to listen to ‘world have Your Say’, but I still want to hear from you). I urge you to read and respond often! and, don’t hesitate to check me out on facebook. I love discussion, so drop me a line — don’t just look at our pics.

As a sidenote: I know that the blog name is a bit of a mouthful (eyeful) to remember. I wrote no less than five posts before actually deciding on a name. It was hard to find one that might adequately describe my blog. If I had more readers, I might ask for suggestions/opinions from readers of my other blog. But, it is only read by a few friends — and they have been quite quiet as of late. I finally just had to make a choice. If I wait too long, I could change it several times. So, since I want to get these posts online, I have just decided to choose one.

Here are some of the ones that didn’t make the cut.

1. Parent able

2. Tactile parenting

3. insightfulparenting [obvious play on the word “sight”]

4. the Mommy touch

5. Azaan’s world

6. Little Spice Guy

7. interfaith family

8. parentingdiversity

9. strength based parenting in a world of diversity

10. raising the bacha boy

11. Ameripak parenting

12. bonding with the bacha

13. little larhka

14. Ameripak fusion

15. Through Azaan’s eyes

 16. A different lense

the problem with most of these names is that it only addresses one area of our family: (blindness, faith or culture). A few of the names are so general that they don’t address any specific challenge. And, while I don’t think people are going to be searching for my blog, I do want it to reflect the content of the blog and adequately describe our family in a few words. And, there certainly are perceptions about our family and Azaan’s world which need to be clarified or even debunked altogether. they come from my blindness, Dh’s religion, our religion infusion, DH’s nationality, my age, etc.

So, here it is. enjoy. And, I’ll try to upload pics when I can so that you sight/light dependent people can get the most out of this blog. I’ll try to make my blog snappy and catchy: because, the more people who find it, the more comments I might receive and the more likely it is that I will find others in similar situations. furthermore, I might be able to assist someone else on their intercultural or interfaith or parenting journey.

thanks much for reading.

… … now, on to the good stuff!









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  2. I love your new blog 🙂 It’s very interesting so far and I plan to keep reading it. I must’ve missed out on the first few posts but now I’m caught up. I will be sure to share your blog with others.

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